Thursday, April 23, 2015

State Cup Soccer

Currently a major soccer tournament is going on. This tournament is known as state cup. This tournament is only for club soccer teams. any team can participate but you have to get invited to play at certain levels. The three levels are Governors Cup, Presidents Cup, and National Cup. The team that I want to talk about her today is the Boys 2000 C. C. Condors. They are a Silver ranked team that has made it all the way to the Elite 8 in Presidents Cup.

The Condors have won 6/6 games. Playing only three games a weekend they have made it to the quarterfinals. The Condors are a team based out of Arroyo Grande. They have 15 kids on their team that are ages 13-15 . 11 people can play on the field at a time. That means that four people must sit out at a time.

Two weekends ago they played in Lancaster CA. Last weekend they played in Apple Valley CA. This weekend they played in San Bernardino CA. In San Bernardino they play Coachella Valley. If they win then they play the winner between RVR Blue and Xplosion SC White. If they win that then they are in the finals.

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